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FY16 Budget Crisis
Governor Rauner, Republicans fight to prevent Illinois government shutdown.  Without a budget in place for the new Fiscal Year 2016 (which began on July 1), there is a possibility that paychecks could be delayed for approximately 65,000 state employees starting July 15.

Governor Rauner and his staff are examining their legal options.  The governor stated on Monday that “Our lawyers are working hard to ensure that all employees will be paid on their scheduled pay dates.”  Speaker Michael Madigan and Attorney General Lisa Madigan continued to assert that paychecks may well be delayed and parts of Illinois’ government shut down. 

The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) has put together some information for state employees with questions relating to the current budget stalemate. The State of Illinois is operating without a state budget in place for Fiscal Year 2016, which begins today. The information below is courtesy of CMS.

The American Legion's Department of Illinois will be hosting its annual convention in Springfield next month, and will hold a veterans' hiring fair as part of the event.

Veteran job seekers and military spouses are invited to attend the free event at the Prairie Capital Convention Center on Friday July 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. More information is available at

FY16 Budget
·         Governor Rauner signs education budget bill.  On Wednesday, Governor Rauner signed the elementary and secondary education component of the Fiscal Year 2016 State budget, taking our children’s education out of the crossfire in Springfield.  While HB 3763 does not increase education spending by as much as the governor’s proposal, it does increase K-12 education funding by $244 million and early childhood education funding by $25 million.

Weather – floodwaters
·         Wet spring, early summer rains create floodwater dangers.  While precipitation has been well above average across Illinois this year, rain has been especially heavy around Peoria and in the Illinois River watershed.  On Monday, hydrologists reported that the Illinois River was running at 19.77 feet, more than 1.5 feet above the flood stage.  The high water was topping levees and soaking bottomlands up and down the river and its principal tributaries.  Evacuation orders have been posted for low-lying residential areas in the Illinois River riverfront town of Utica.  

Lincoln Library 
Fate of Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library left without resolution. One of the bills passed by partisan majorities of both houses of the Illinois General Assembly, and then stalled on the order of “Motion to Reconsider,” was SB 1728. This controversial measure would move the presidential library from the Illinois Historic Preservation Authority and make it an independent State agency. The House vote on SB 1728 as amended by the library language was 69-47-0.

However, after the Senate concurred with the House’s Lincoln Library language on May 31, Senate President John Cullerton filed a “Motion to Reconsider” on the bill. This parliamentary move effectively locked the bill in his desk drawer and left the Library and its approximately 95 headcount employees without closure as of mid-June.